Are you ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead’?

Meet Joe Cross. He’s your average Aussie bloke and just like is dictated by the Average-Aussie-Bloke culture, he loves his beer and he loves his food. Meat pie, Joe? Yes! Chips, Joe? Yes! Burger and coke, Joe? Yes! Spinach juice, Joe? Umm….

Joe Cross is rather rotund. He is also rather sick, plagued by a debilitating autoimmune condition known as ‘chronic urticaria.’ At just 43 years of age, Cross relies on a daily cocktail of prescription medication in order to control his ailing body. Living the life…?

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead is a documentary by Joe Cross and is a film that everybody, whether brimming with health or riddled with disease, must see. Unable to truly realise his young life’s full potential due to an expanding girth, his chronic autoimmune disease (resulting in regular breakouts of hives) and a reliance on pharmaceuticals to remain functioning, Joe Cross saw himself as a 310lb man with one foot already in the grave. A scary sight. With doctors and specialists unable to provide him with a cure, Joe Cross saw only one remaining option: call on the human body’s innate ability to heal itself. Thus begins a sixty-day revolution of his body and his mind, and thus we have the inspiring chronicles of his journey: Fat, Sick and Neatly Dead.

For sixty days and sixty nights, nothing but juice passed Cross’s lips. Pure fruit and vegetable juice freshly squeezed with his very own juicer. A ‘juice fast’ he called it as he embarked on a food-free, nutrient-dense reboot of his life. Travelling across the U.S., the deep-fried food capital of the universe, Cross juiced. And he juiced and he juiced and he juiced. Sharing his journey with others along the way, Cross managed to inspire as his monstrous waistline receded, his reliance on pill popping drastically diminished and his energy levels sky-rocketed. It sounds crazy but…can sixty days of nothing but juice really cure the human body?

Cross’s film, while generously packed with humorous cartoons, light-hearted self-deprecation and an up-beat tone, is fundamentally a very serious example of the Western world’s health crisis. Cross puts his poor lifestyle on a pedestal for us, airing the gory details of his obesity, his illness and his diet and by doing so, setting the stage for what is truly an inspiring and provoking journey from illness to health.

Meet Joe Cross, a man who made a difference to himself. Meet Joe Cross, a man who made a difference to the lives of countless others. Meet Joe Cross, the maker and star of Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, a film that you just, must watch.

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The First Bite

Hello and welcome to Le Cafe Joie!

If you didn’t take French lessons at school and it isn’t obvious to you, let us cheerfully spell out what Le Cafe Joie actually is: The Joy Cafe or The Cafe of Joy. Take it as a metaphor with a little bite of literalness. Le Cafe Joie is an online hub of information, questions, discussions, answers, recipes, articles, anecdotes and photography…basically anything and everything that you could possibly connect with the body, health, food, cafes, restaurants and life.

It’s true, what they say: you are what you eat. So why not eat cheerfully, enthusiastically, wholesomely and lovingly? Savor each bite as you savor the company with whom you dine. Life’s too short to not eat well.

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