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  1. a collection of information about the health of both body and mind
  2. a cornucopia of tips as to how to best maintain the temple of human experience (i.e. the body)
  3. a wealth of articles and recipes regarding the foods that feed the human soul

Welcome to the magical word of real food. While we all enjoy the sinful pleasure of creamy chocolate or crispy fries, it is a truth universally acknoledged that your avergae Big Mac can hardly be classified as actual food. Now, I’m no saint when it comes to proper eating…it’s not unheard of for me to sink my teeth into a few dozen chewy toffees or a handful of deliciously crunchy potato wedges with a dollop or two of mayonnaise. However, I am fully aware that in this instance, the grass really is greener on the other side. While in the throws of an all-out choco-thon, avocados and pumpkin somewhat lose their allure…I always know in my heart that nothing beats a plate of crispy sweet potato rounds with a side of deliciously char-grilled zuchinni. Sadly though, it seems not everyone is properly acquainted with the joyful tastes and aromas that real food can bring to your home and so I am here to the save the day, dedicating this blog and all its technological confusion to the wonderful sensations of real food and its very real impact on our bodies, minds, societies and lives in general. Let me introduce you to food for the soul.

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